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As a health coach it is MY goal to help you reach YOUR GOALS

I will never claim to have THE answer.  That’s because it doesn’t exist in regards to your health and well being.

You are unique.  Your needs are unique.  Your body is unique.  Your lifestyle is unique. Even your struggles are unique.

There is no magic pill (really…that’s the truth my friends).  There is no cute, packaged little plan that is going to change your life overnight.  What this whole thing is about is deciding what you want your life to look like (or what you want to look like in your jeans) and making a plan that will work…for YOU.


Initial Consultation: FREE (1/2 hour long session):

This is a time for us to discuss your struggles & goals along with anything you’ve done that has or hasn’t worked for you. I will give you more details about what I can offer and we will, together, decide if we are a good fit in order to help you get to a better place with your health.


Initial intake, followed by an hour session
Meal guides 

Recommendations for exercise, stress management, sleep {according to your needs}
Book recommendations and handouts to help support your journey
Unlimited access to me via email
A weekly 30 minute check-in via phone or Skype/FaceTime
A one hour closing session at the end of your program


Location is not an obstacle!! Our sessions can be conducted online via skype or FaceTime…or phone.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals and becoming a healthier, happier YOU!!

Remember: YOU are entirely up to YOU!!!

Find me at FB/healthwithjess
Email me:
Call/Text: 541.908.1284

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