Vibrant Life Academy for Women

Based on whole, nutrient dense foods and movement that is GOOD for us, this group is a place to learn how to really nourish and listen to your body while being in a supportive group of other like-minded women!

This group is NOT about counting calories and working out as hard as you possibly can, as much as you possibly can… it’s about learning what our bodies need, as women, how to manage stress, how to support our hormones and adrenals, how to exercise in a way that works FOR us and not against us, how to STAY MOTIVATED & lots of recipes, & tips along the way!!

Starting March 5th we are doing a 30 DAY RESET! It’s back to the basics, baby!! We are all about creating sustainable habits using practical tips and tools that will help us get there.

Join us on this journey!! For $20/month all the above is included and you can pause or stop your membership at anytime <3

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