Vibrant Life Academy for Women

WHAT: a monthly membership group for WOMEN looking for ongoing accountability, health & fitness guidelines and support in a private, online community with likeminded women <3

COST: $20/month


  • workouts you can do from home
  • challenges
  • education
  • guidance
  • encouragement
  • whole foods based meal plans & recipes along the way

We focus on a particular subject each month such as hormones, sleep, your environment, micronutrients, brain health…it always changes because we are human and our lives change and there is SO much involved in our health and wellbeing!

You will get daily communication from me for encouragement, inspiration and accountability!

This group is a place to support one another, grow, challenge ourselves and strive to be our happiest, healthiest selves.


❤️💚For the month of JANUARY we will be following a WALKING PROGRAM that we started with in December.

We will also be working on BUILDING MUSCLE!! I will be sharing weekly workouts that you can do AT HOME {or anywhere!} that you need ZERO equipment for! These workouts are for ANY LEVEL! {I will be posting videos and demonstrating modifications!}. We will be focused on a Paleo food template: ditching the sugar and refined foods <3

The biggest thing we will be working on in January are our GOALS FOR 2018!! We will be taking very actionable steps as a group and working on 2-3 specific goals regarding our health & fitness!

Success is all about setting yourself up to win and staying focused. We will be doing this together and cheering each other on along the way!!


***You can join or cancel at any time {and you are always welcome to re-join}**

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