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Well…it’s 2016! What are you making room for this year?

I’m not a resolution girl.  I find that I am continually creating new goals throughout the year.  However, I think reflecting is something we all do at the New Year, even if we don’t do so purposely.  It just happens.  It’s natural, as we close […]

The faith conundrum

Well.  How to start a post like this… My faith is huge to me…HUGE.  It drives my health and fitness.  Running or hiking are two of my favorite ways to connect with God.  By myself, sometimes with music, sometimes not.  Out in the elements, whether […]

They’re heeeeeere!

“What, pray tell, is here?” you might be asking yourself.  And just then your eyes catch the pumpkin spice latte sitting at your desk or you smell the pumpkin seeds baking…maybe you have a bowl of candy you are tryyyyyyying with all your might to ignore! […]

My 2 cents on Adrenal Fatigue

Am I Ready?

Whenever we set out to change a behavior of any sort a decision has to be made. “I am going to do this.” “I am committed.”  “I am ‘all in’.” The thing is…you have to be really, really REAL about this.   Are you truly […]

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