What’s all the hype about this Shakeology stuff you hear people talking about anyway?

Is it for me?

Is it a protein shake?

Why should I pay good money for this shake rather than another shake I hear about?

And the list goes on…

I was leery about Shakeology when I first started doing Turbokick and kept hearing about it.  Never having been into “drinking my calories” (ok, aside from my wine and coffee), I shied away from the whole concept.  However, as I learned more, I became more and more intrigued.

Shakeology is often mistaken for a protein shake.  It is far more than that.  It is considered a meal replacement because it offers balanced nutrition, including macro-nutrients.  Beyond that, however, it is chocked full of premium superfoods,  healthy proteins, super-fruits, super-greens, antioxidants, adaptogen herbs, pre and pro-biotics, and digestive enzymes. The amazing benefits come from herbs, roots, fruits, and vegetables that range from the commonly known, like pomegranate and blueberry, to the exotic, like goji berry and maca root. These incredible whole food ingredients from around the world, uncooked and unprocessed, provide a wealth of superfood nutrition all in one shake.  It is my multivitamin x 1000!  Trust me, I notice when I’m not using it regularly.  It is an incredible immune booster and much more…

Just what are the benefits of this shake?


Well first off, please don’t be mistaken.  The benefits occur because this shake offers what your body needs and craves all in one.  It’s not a magic pill.  There’s no manufactured ingredient that is going to offer some secret anecdote to unlock your body’s hidden potential.  Nope.  It all comes down to fueling your body appropriately and meeting it’s needs on a micro-nutrient level.  I will say, it’s not easy to find a shake that does this and with such high quality, natural ingredients.  That’s why I love it.’s yummy <3

I’ve learned a lot about bio-availability through studying for my degree and earning my health coaching certification.  As I came to understand that we can’t just look at a label and trust that those nutrients are going to be recognized in our body the way we think the are, I gained even more appreciation for Shakeology.  Nutrients are more readily absorbed by our bodies when they come from food sources.  Period.  That’s why a shake that is so super nutrient dense excites me!

In addition, our soil is far more depleted than it has ever been of nutrients.  What does this mean? If the soil is devoid of the nutrients it should have, the food growing in that soil will be less nutrient dense.  In a nut shell: the broccoli we eat isn’t the same as the broccoli our grandparents ate. Theirs was better. Not only did it have more nutrients, they didn’t deal with as many “extras” that we deal with…pesticides and pollution.  Those things are taxing on our systems in addition to being potentially harmful.  SO…having a shake that offers a higher density of nutrients is pretty cool.  It’s an investment worth making.

So what do you get in one shake?

  • Proteins and fiber – to help reduce hunger and food cravings.
  • Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals – to help fight free radical damage and help support a healthy immune system
  • Adaptogen Herbs – traditionally used to help the body adapt and respond to the effects of stress
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes – to help nutrient absorption and support regularity and healthy digestion

Click here for more info or to buy some and try for yourself!

Check this video out for some background insight and please let me know if you have any questions!