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As a health coach it is my goal to help you reach your goals.

I will never claim to have THE answer.  That’s because it doesn’t exist in regards to your health and wellbeing.
You are unique.  Your needs are unique.  Your body is unique.  Your lifestyle is unique.  Even your struggles are unique.

There is no magic pill (really…that’s the truth my friends).  There is no cute, packaged little plan that is going to change your life overnight.  What this whole thing is about is deciding what you want your life to look like (or what you want to look like in your jeans) and making a plan that will work…for YOU.

If you stick with me you will most likely get pretty sick of hearing me say “balance”.  But, I LOVE that word.  I live by that word.  I preach that word.  I value that word.  I do not believe in legalistic ways of living.  I will not be asking you to cut entire food types out of your diet.  If you have a particular health issue that means you need to do so…go for it. I will support that 100%.  However, although I hold a masters degree in Health Psychology, I am not a nutritionist or a doctor.  If I feel you have needs that extend beyond my scope of expertise, I will be pointing you in the direction of one such professional.  In fact, I might even suggest a therapist.  Sometimes our physical struggles have more to do with our heart and head then our body.

I meet with clients once a month for a recommended 3 months minimum (this is really up to you, your goals, budget, etc.). I will “interview” you to assess your current habits, health issues, goals, struggles, etc. From there I will develop a specific nutrition and exercise plan that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

Your job:
Depending upon your goals, you will weigh yourself and take measurements at the beginning of this journey. After that you will weigh at least once per week (if weight loss is your goal) and take measurements once per month.

You will also check in with me weekly to report how you did with your nutrition/exercise plan. This is HUGE as it is accountability! This is included in some of the packages below.

Initial Consultation: $60/session (1 hour long session) entails:
Medical health history
Lifestyle interview
Review of food log (you’ll receive one once you book your initial appointment)
Goal setting

With this consultation session, I will be able to offer you a basic exercise and nutrition plan.  The following packages build upon the initial consultation and offer additional services, including accountability!

1 month package — $150
Includes everything in the initial consultation, plus:

  • Weekly check-ins (text, email, phone call, skype…we’ll decide what will work best for you). The check-ins will allow us to tweak your plan if needed, and will offer you personal accountability
  • You will be invited to my private Facebook group for health coaching clients looking for a supportive, encouraging space to connect with others on this health journey
  • You will receive weekly healthy recipes to help you stay inspire and be creative with your plan
  • You will receive weekly exercises that can be done ANYWHERE!  These will be demonstrated via video and will be delivered via text or email, depending on your preference.

3 month package — $400
Includes all of the above, with a full hour session at the start of each new month.
**I recommend the 3 month package as a minimum option, as one month is not enough time to establish new lifestyle habits.**

6 month package — $675
Same as 3 month package but for a better monthly price and more time to reach goals and establish new health habits!

Other services:
$60 grocery store trip (1 hour max)
$60 kitchen makeover
$60 session anytime you feel you need an extra hour session for a check-in

If you struggle with workouts and want an “at home” program, I am also a beachbody coach and would gladly help find a program that is designed for someone like YOU!

Location is not an obstacle!! Our sessions can be conducted online via skype or Facetime…or phone.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals and becoming a healthier, happier YOU!!

Remember: YOU are entirely up to YOU!!!

Find me at FB/healthwithjess
Email me:
Call/Text: 541.908.1284

I want to hear what YOU think!

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