KETO for Women: Monthly Membership Group

Have you graduated from one of my KETO for Women Virtual Programs?Are you still interested in accountability and an active virtual community beyond the group?

This is for YOU!! <3

I’ve been wanting something for my gals who have gone through my groups, but then still want these things. Rather than signing up for ANOTHER of my KETO groups and getting the same info you already have, this is your PART 2!!

In here I will give you:

  • new recipes monthly {no more meal plans since you have plenty of those and should have a good handle on how this is working for YOU on a day to day basis}
  • monthly challenges {they will sometimes be weekly}
  • a minimum of one live video/week
  • lots of continuing support, tips, guidance and accountability!
  • PLUS: you will be in here with other ladies who are on the same journey and who have also been through my programs.

This is not open to anyone unless they’ve gone through my programs specifically since I want to make sure they have the basics down that I support and teach. There are just way too many ways of doing KETO …which is great! But, I don’t agree with all of it.

To join click on this link and sign up!! I’ll add you to the FB group which will officially start on Monday, April 16th!

Please note: you are free to join or cancel/pause at anytime!!