One Year of Living Little

In some ways this past year has whizzed by. In some years it feels like it’s been five. {Did you hear me sigh right then?}

A year ago we moved out of the 1200 square foot house we were renting {funny thing is that that house felt too small for us} out to my in laws property where we planned to set up house in a 5th wheel and build our own little place. 700-ish square feet actually. If it were 400 or less it would be considered “tiny”. Although with two adolescent boys at home, 2 big dogs, 3 cats {& 2 outside bunnies}…I would argue that 700-ish should be considered tiny.

Well. We’ve had some bumps along the way with a car that decided to die {engine blew} & the one we bought to replace it also died {seriously?!}. Plus, truth be told, family stuff we didn’t anticipate {it happens, right?}. But we’re here still and finally decided that regardless of the bumps, we’re forging onward.

It has been one big adventurous ball of stress to say the least!

So, on the anniversary of our move out here, I am opting to list 10 of the awesome things about doing all of this:

1. It is beyond beautiful out here

2. Happy to be checking the tiny living thing off the list since I’ve been intrigued by it for a long time

3. We’ve learned to adjust quite well to the downsize & I’m super happy about that

4. Being squished together has its benefits…I love our time in the evening when we shut work and projects down and veg as a fam on the couch and watch a movie or a favorite tv show together…rather than being in opposite areas of the house…we kind of have to hang out together 😏

5. The animals love being out here with all this area to roam!

6. The wildlife out here has been quite the treat …one of my favorite things about this place πŸ’š

7. We have been able to both work from home…huge bonus!

8. You really learn to appreciate the little things…a dishwasher, a real toilet {we finally have one}…

9. We have been pretty amazing at adapting to cooking in a tiny space…I have to brag about that one! We cook ALL the time &, although it can be sort of annoying at times, we make it work!

10. Have I mentioned the view??

So there you have it. And where are we now with it all? Here’s a rundown:

  • The bones of the place are up.
  • Interior stairs are partially in.
  • Toilet is in and working {hallelujah…although having a composting toilet was my idea…it’s not so cool after awhile}.
  • Almost all the windows and doors are in.
  • Downstairs insulation and walls are going up as well as
  • electrical getting put in.

We are moving forward folks!

We put our Christmas tree in where our kitchen will be for some holiday cheer in there & hope to spend Christmas hanging out in there as a family. We have a wood stove for the house that I am SO looking forward to using!!

And guess what my Christmas wish is?? To take a bath in my clawfoot tub!! πŸ›€πŸΌ I have been longing for that day.

Truth be told, I feel I can handle quite a bit of rustic living…I love it & some of my best years we’re in Alaska in a cabin with my sled dogs & no running water. But a 5th wheel with several people and animals is not my idea of rustic living. And it’s truly not cute and fun anymore.

I talk to people almost daily about stress and how it impacts us in serious ways. I have felt the effects deeply.

So what do you do when you’re in the midst of something you can’t really change? Sometimes you just have to say it out loud and then keep moving! I truly feel that is part of the process…being real and then keep on keeping on.

So there’s me being transparent!!

If I seem stressed, tired, worn…this is why. It sure does put a strain on a person. But we are getting through and I’m ever thankful for my family, a working vehicle, warmth and a roof over our heads {no matter how small}…& I’m thankful for the constant reminder that we live in a beautiful part of the world.

Here are some pics of our small progress {get it?! πŸ˜‚}…

Getting festive. We moved the 5th wheel inside the pole barn because…well…Oregon {hello muddy season!}



We obviously love the rustic look! The metal will be down below and wood on the top.


Josh & his dad had a headache with the stairs…but figured it out and I LOVE the configuration.


I’ve never been so excited to see one of these!


The day this went in was a day to celebrate!!
See what I mean…happy campers right there πŸ™‚



I want to hear what YOU think!

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