It’s Finally Happening!! 

So, months ago (during the holidays) we moved out to my inlaws property with the intention of building a little house (not quite a tiny house, unless you consider how many people will live in it!). Well, we got stuck because of some logistics that took time to figure out. But now…it’s a go!

Our little house will be about 750 square feet when it’s all said and done {2 stories}. To be considered a tiny house it would have to be no more than about 400 square feet. With two adults, a soon to be 12 year old boy {who will be taller than me by the time Fall hits!} & one who just turned 15 {he hangs with us every other weekend & a week at a time during the summer}…PLUS 2 big dogs and 3 cats…I think anyone would agree that 750 square feet is plenty small!
So we have it all mapped out & demo of one side of the pole barn we’re building inside of has begun! It will actually look like a normal entrance into a home instead of a pole barn.

A portion of the “before”. {Look you can barely see one of my baby raspberry plants that are now getting ready to produce some yummy fruit!}


Minus siding.
Talk about open concept! Haha!


The new walls are going up next!Once it’s all framed in and walls are up the first area of focus will be the bathroom. This girl cannot wait to take a bath in our own tub again!! I’ve missed that most since living in a fifth wheel.

For matierials A LOT of what we’ll be using will be upcycled…as with some of our furnishings and appliances. We love that it will save us money, but even more we love the rustic look and that we will be able to customize the style of our house the way we want it.

I am not going to give it away yet…but I am excited to share what we do in the bathroom! It’s so much fun planning and picking out where we are going to go with certain ideas. While we want it to reflect us and what we love, we also need it to be comfortable AND practical {storage!!}.



Here is a before of the inside. Looking at the wall the bathroom and kitchen will be on with a nice big window over the kitchen sink.

For now, we are still scrunched in our fifth wheel. It isn’t all that bad but as time goes on we do miss having a little more privacy, a regular bathroom AND more space in the kitchen!!

To be continued…

I want to hear what YOU think!

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