The Good, the Bad and the Tiny

Here we are just 3 days before Christmas.  We’ve been in our new place for almost a month if you count the week we were moving out/moving in…the fun part!  Ugh.

As I’m sure you all know, moving takes time: unpacking, settling in, trying to figure out where you want things, realizing all the things you need for your new place, rearranging things once you’re there and starting to figure out how things will flow well…etc.  With our “different” living arrangements, all of that is amplified for sure. We are storing a lot of our belongings in the warehouse we’ve parked the 5th wheel in that we’re currently living in.  Its a juggle figuring out what you really need accessible and what you need out of the way in a snug space like we’re in. Thankfully my kiddo has a room that is next to the 5th wheel.  He’s nice and cozy in there but does at times sleep in the 5th wheel with us.  There’s a hide-a-bed in the “livingroom” so it’s perfect. That is one thing I’ve enjoyed living out here in closer quarters.  I feel like it makes us be closer and we interact more.

We’ve made a habit of sitting down and watching a movie together in the evenings before Ashton goes to bed.  The other night both Josh and I had some work to do and we decided we’d work while watching the movie but Ashton stomped that fire right out!  And…I was glad.  He wanted us to all watch the movie together.  It definitely made me happy and made me step out of myself for a minute to realize, the work will still be there.  It’s more important to have those moments together as a family.  That is one of the number one reasons we’re doing this, after all.

For now we are at work figuring out how to make our living arrangements comfortable and efficient as we prepare to start in on our little house.  Pictured below is my little work station.  Thankfully my laptop fits nicely tucked away next to the table, rather than on it, when I am not using it.  The printer is a pain, however and I keep it put away until I need it. It annoys me to have to lug it in and out but…there are worse things in life, right?  


Here is our teeny, tiny, cute, but fake Christmas tree.  We really couldn’t realistically put a real tree in the 5th wheel without it driving us nuts.  So this little guy adds some Christmas joy to our living space and we put a regular tree upstairs where we’re creating a temporary hang out area for the boys.  


Here’s our real tree!!  This is where we’ll open presents Christmas morning <3  It sits just inside a window so we can see it when we step outside of our “house”…feels so “Christmas Vacation” explaining some of this!  Ha!!


And here are two of our big critters… that has been challenging for sure.  These two and our 3 cats spend plenty of time in here with us!  The cats actually enjoy romping around outside during the day and typically come snuggle with us in the evening.  That really hasn’t been an issue at all and they’ve adjusted great.  The fur was annoying before and it’s annoying now.  But, it just goes with the territory! The hardest part is not tripping over one of them, but we are managing just fine. It’s cute, when we workout in the warehouse they all like coming and being part of the action. The cats come out of hiding and the dogs insist on being out there with us as well.  All-in-all the pet situation has been pretty good and I think they all really love the extra space out here.


Here’s our little bedroom.  Its definitely small, but definitely cozy as well. *as demonstrated by one of our critters 🙂 I would say making the bed is the biggest complaint I have because everything is so snug in there.  But we are warm and comfortable!


What you don’t see pictured is our tiny bathroom.  So this is probably TMI…but there’s only so much we can do in the bathroom in our 5th wheel right now…if ya know what I mean (think yellow is mellow).  So, we have this guy planted right outside.  Needless to say…if someone heads outside, there’s no guessing as to what they are doing.  :/  Being the only girl in the house though, I’m always thankful for anther available toilet!  

I can’t tell you how much de ja vu I’ve been experiencing out here.  A port a potty is a bit of a different experience than an outhouse, but it sure is taking me back to my outhouse days!  In that regard, I feel like this whole thing has not been a big deal for me at all.  Been there done that and I don’t mind a bit.  What I’m really missing however…is a nice hot bath!!

That brings me to THIS!  This is what will be our bathtub!  Our next project will be setting up a temporary bathroom situation (and yes, the honey bucket will then go) that will include this tub and a composting toilet. We love the rustic industrial look and I’m so excited to put this to use!! You can bet as soon as it’s ready I’ll be in it!  I have tried taking a bath in our little shower/bath in the 5th wheel and it is just not a good experience to say the least.  A bath is a luxury I have come to include in my regular routine as part of taking care of my body from working out.  I LOVE it, but I also NEED it!  A nice warm Epsom salt bath (with wine) does wonders for sore and/or knotted up muscles!

So, there you have it!  A closer glimpse into our life out here.  I’m excited to share more pictures as we start in on our main house!

Until then… you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year with your loved ones!!


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