Going Tiny!

Yes, it’s what you think! 

So, when my hubby and I were dating we became addicted to the tiny house shows. ? Anything “tiny house” available to watch…pretty sure we’ve seen it! I’ve always been a home show nerd…but the tiny house thing had my full attention. 

I am enamored by the thought of simple living. Having less, but doing more. Less stuff, closer relationships. 

When I lived in Alaska in my early 20’s (how can I be old enough for that to sound so long ago ?) I had the opportunity to live small. I LOVED it. I lived in a few different cabins when I was up there. ALL with no running water and an outhouse. Sounds less than appealing to some, I know. But what it did was slowed me down, made me appreciate my creature comforts in working harder to have them and brought more quiet to my life. 

Life is, of course, far different now. Back then it was just me and my two sled dogs. Now it’s me, my 11 year old son, my hubby and occasionally his kids and our animals (3 cats 2 big dogs, 1 rabbit…and a partridge in a pear tree ?). Not as simple going small as it was over a decade ago for me. And that is a pretty big understatement.

So here’s the scoop: we are building a small house…I can’t call it tiny because it will be about about 600 square feet. Most tiny houses are 400 square feet or less. For all of us, 600 square feet will be TINY! But I’ll call it “small”. 

We’ve already moved…and where, you’re probably wondering, are we staying?? That’s where we’ve gotten creative… we are living in a 5th wheel that is parked inside a big barn (I call it a warehouse) that we are building our house inside of! My husband’s parents have property that we are building on and it is so beautiful. The view of the mountains and all the wide open space is just breathtaking. (Tonight we saw Elk out in one of the fields.)

Next to the 5th wheel inside the barn is a small room that will eventually be a tool room for Josh’s dad but, for now we are using it as a bedroom for Ashton. Josh and his dad gutted it and put up new walls. One of my step kiddos (Caige) and I put the insulation in and it is actually really quite cozy! (Especially when he is snuggled up with a dog and cat or two at night ☺️.)

Here are some pics from the work we’ve done so far! 

Josh & his dad… working on making the building more waterproof than it had been. 

Our new neighbors!

It’s been pretty rainy out here!!

The barn/”wearhouse”…Home Sweet Home ? That’s our 5th wheel on the left that is now inside the barn.

Now that we’re all moved in, our priorities are our temporary living areas while we build our house. We’re making a hangout area/office above Ashton’s room and then a temporary bathroom, complete with a composting toilet!! 

More to come…

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!! I’m hoping the snow we’ve been hearing about really happens!! 


Jess ❄️ ⛄️ 

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