Endings and New Beginnings


Life sure is interesting, isn’t it?  I have the hardest time sitting still and listening to what God wants me to do in my life. Like a really hard time. Sometimes I am thankful I am not a person who is content with a life without challenge, and there are other times I just kick myself for not having more patience. In the end, though, I am thankful for the strength, lessons, experiences I have gained through it all.

When I was growing up I knew very strongly that the one thing that would make me feel like I had success in this life was to have a healthy, happy family. I wanted to break chains I had grown up with and create something I did not have. Here I am, years later and, after raising my son alone for 8 years, I am remarried and have this brand new opportunity to create just that. It is easier said than done for me. I am far too used to paving my own way. It is a learning curve, to say the least, to let go of my fierce independence enough to do this. But I am determined.

And so…here I am, in the midst of closing down the fitness studio I started this past summer in hopes of continuing on with my passion of helping people live healthier lives. Ironic that in these past 6 months I have been more stressed out than perhaps ever. The hardest part has been that I am not even able to focus on what I want to focus on in this field. I HATE disappointing people.  So much so that I often put myself in a position that isn’t good for me. Well that is another chain I am breaking.

I am sad to let go of this, but overjoyed to embrace what God has in store for me and my family. I hope to inspire people to follow their dreams and that means going back to the drawing board when it is necessary. That takes guts my friends. I have had to battle hard to get to this point and I am proud to move forward in a direction that is not taking away from the most important things in my life.

So, what next? Aside from taking a minute to breath and get myself in a healthier, more balanced place, I am continuing my health coaching and have lots of plans I am really excited to share!

Lots of love & blessings to all of you!

Jess <3


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  • Wow!!!! All that caring wrapped up in one person!!!! I can certainly see the common bond with your Mother, Jan. Hoping for the best in all you do!!!!

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