Our Little Cookbook Project 

Josh and I have been spending tons of time in the kitchen over the past couple of months trying, re-trying and, sometimes vowing never to try again, certain recipes! We have tweaked them and made them just how we want them. I would say we have very similar taste in food as far as flavor goes. We like a lot of it, that’s a for sure thing. 

Our goals for this little cookbook were many. We wanted to produce something creative together that shared our gifts and talents. We wanted to offer people something simple for when they want new recipes, but things that they might not typically make. Yummy, not super complicated….you get the idea. 


It was a lot of fun, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhausting! We dirtied A LOT of dishes! Ha! It was pretty awesome having this to work on together as we were on our journey together as a couple from dating to marriage. I would say it’s very fitting that we finished our cookbook two days after our wedding. Moving on to the next thing both in our relationship and in our business life together. 

We hope you enjoy the recipes and share with us your thoughts as you try them! This was our first also for creating something in an e-format so we look forward to learning more and doing even better and more awesome the more we do with this kind of thing. We hope you come along with us on our next venture! 

You can order our e-cookbook at my etsy shop: JessicasLittlePlace ❤️

xoxo, Jess & Josh

I want to hear what YOU think!

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