Mason jars, strands of white lights and summer nights…

Well the big day is upon us!! Josh and I are having a private wedding ceremony this coming weekend at a spot that is special because we discovered it together and have already made lots of fond memories hiking there together. 

We will celebrate later in the summer with an outdoor reception. Although we will be going low key & minus many of the typical traditions (how about a s’mores bar instead of cake?!!)…it’s still a lot of planning and prep! So thankful to have help with that part from Adrienne of Merrime Bridal in downtown Albany! Plus….it’s been super fun sitting down and getting creative with her!   

One thing I am truthfully most happy about is knowing that on our day of celebration, I won’t have to worry about things being taken care of! SO worth having a planner to take that off of your mind! Plus, just when you think you’ve got it all covered in your head, your planner will come up with 5 more things you are thankful she thought of. Serious.  

Now my job, once the ceremony is over this weekend, will be to continue gathering decorations and supplies because the day will come faster than I think, I am sure!! 


To any bride-to-be out there, I would remind you that this is a day for you and your new hubby to spend that time celebrating YOU TWO. It’s about what makes your hearts happy, the bond between you two and just sharing that with loved ones. Don’t get caught up on what you “should” do on the day AND do whatever you can to make it a more streamlined, less stressful process!! Having a planner is one of the BEST ways to do that!!! 

If you are embarking on this same journey…blessings to you!!!

Stay tuned for more!!




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