Wedding Dresses and Running Shoes

So many things are happening right now its slightly insane…in the best way possible!  I appreciate that I have friends who have had or are operating their own businesses that I can connect with.  The support, encouragement, advice and common ground…its kind of awesome.

Adrienne is one of these friends.  She owns an adorable bridal boutique down the street from my office in downtown Albany, called, Merrime.  I have visited her there several times for other reasons, but now I get to go in as a client!  Can I just tell you how much I love walking into her boutique?!  It’s elegant, but warm and inviting.  Adrienne is one of the sweetest people you’ll meet and you can tell without a doubt that she loves what she does!

Adrienne in her boutique!

Okay, we’ve hit on the “wedding dresses”…now for the “running shoes”!  Adrienne and I are both excited to support one another as women in business and so we’ve been chatting a lot about what we do and how this whole “owning a business thing” works.  Health and fitness is something Adrienne values greatly in her life and has been on an awesome journey of her own with it.  However, starting a business can sure shake things up in terms of how the structure in our lives looks and the impact of it all.  She, like many of us, has found that she would like to refocus on this for herself.  So…while she’s coordinating my wedding reception, I’ll be health coaching her…and you lucky people get to read about all of it!

FullSizeRender (12)
Wedding Coordinator and Health Coach unite!

So very excited for all of the above! Please check out Adrienne’s boutique:
FB: merrimebridal
Instagram: merrime_bridal


5 thoughts on “Wedding Dresses and Running Shoes”

  • I love how things work in such harmony. Looking forward to following the journey. Very exciting on many levels. I’d love to learn more about the different ways people find to make exercise and healthy eating a normal part of their lives and blend it in with a busy lifestyle so that it doesn’t feel like something separate. It’s hard for me to do exercise daily but I push myself everyday to be active and do things that wear me out and build strength. I really like variety (in exercise and eating).

  • First of all, Congratulations!!! Secondly, it is so great that you are making the connections with small businesses. That’s how it all begins, right? Advice, shoulders to lean on, and mysteries to solve together are all found in that circle of friendship. Good luck to the two of you and best wishes in your upcoming nuptials, Jess!

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