Overnight Oats part 2: the verdict :)

Like I said in my previous post…I was Leary about these, but had to try for myself. Well…I’m impressed! I could tell they looked creamy and I was afraid that they would just taste like mush. Nope. I kind of love it! The flavor in the banana, coconut is amazing 😍 I added some peanut butter…drizzled it over the top and that was outstanding!

I’m thinking this could be a good camping breakfast?? It’s a good breakfast  during the week anyway when you want something hearty and healthy but don’t have much time in the morning after you hit snooze 6 times… Not that I ever do that 🤔😜

Needless to say, I will be making these again and I look forward to trying different recipes!

Happy Saturday, my friends!

xoxo, Jess 💜

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