We’re Better Together: Part 2

I’ve had the privilege of health coaching this guy who has done such a phenomenal job of staying committed and just working dang hard to follow the program.  It’s inspiring in a big way!! He doesn’t even realize it.  It’s hard for people to stick to stuff, so my heart is happy watching it! Because of his dedication he’s lost 30 pounds so far and, according to him, has 5x more energy! Freaking awesome.

What else is freaking awesome about the whole thing is that his girlfriend is the one who connected us (adore her!) and her gentle support and encouragement is so cool.  I mean SO cool. There’s not an ounce of “shoulding” on him from what I’ve seen.  It’s just been about rolling up her sleeves and doing it with him and cheering him on along the way.  She gets into the shopping and cooking and helps him where he needs the help to make his healthier choices easier.  Tonight as they got ready to leave he paused, turned and said “I couldn’t do this without her” as he hugged her.  *watery eyes moment!* They are awesome.

I’ve thought a lot recently about how THANKFUL I am to have the kind of person in my life that I can share this stuff with.  We have SO. MUCH. FUN. playing, being dorks, creating, exploring, working hard and pushing ourselves together!  LOVE it!  How important it is to be able to do this with your person!!

My guy
My guy <3

Sharing health and fitness in a relationship should be a requirement!  Haha!  I kid…but for reals. The benefits are ridiculous!  Working hard, pushing past comfort zones, setting goals together, getting stronger and feeling SO DARN GOOD!  Why wouldn’t you want to?!

If you’re not currently making health and fitness a thing in your relationship…go do it!  Make it happen!  Just go outside for heck’s sake!!  Take a walk around the neighborhood.  Go to the park. Get on our bike.  You don’t have to run 10 miles!  Heck you don’t have to run ONE…or ANY!  Go for a hike or a swim!  Just get outside and BREATHE fresh air and PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN (unless you’re doing a handstand…we need to see pics! Haha)!  Too many couples just exist, go through the motions, are stuck in a rut, an autopilot, numbed out on TV, being BUSY, alcohol, laziness, electronics, STUFF…you name it.  Regardless of how you feel about it…get up and move! Do it together!  You won’t regret it!

If your person isn’t super excited about this whole health and fitness thing…DO IT ANYWAY!  You might just inspire them!  You might not, though.  Entirely possible.  BUT keep going.  Do it anyway and then keep doing it.  Even if they don’t love it, YOU will be happier and healthier for it and that alone will be awesome for your relationship!

To my guy: THANK YOU for being that person with me!  I look SO forward to more exploring, nerding out on all this, creating more goals, smashing those goals and working hard while just living life vibrantly together!  <3

Now get to it people!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Jess <3

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