Together We’re Better

Why should you join a 30 Day Challenge Group??  What are the benefits?  Why be part of a group?

This is team work!  It’s a proven fact that accountability leads to greater success with weight loss AND weight loss maintenance.

WHY??  Think about it.  Have you ever planned to work out with a friend and then not wanted to? You still do it, don’t you?  You might have pushed snooze on your alarm and rolled over to saw a few more logs, or changed out of your work clothes and into your lounge clothes instead of gym close, or opted for an afternoon movie rather than an afternoon hike if it weren’t for the annoying fact that you already told your buddy that you’d meet him at the gym or on the trail. Have you ever had that moment?  I’m betting you have.  Or you and your friend make a pact that you’re going to “be good” with your diet this week and you decide to “check in” with each other. So…when you go to grab that delicious looking glazed donut, you think twice!  In fact, you see your friend’s face sitting there staring as you painfully debate with yourself whether or not to indulge.  Ya familiar with these moments?

The cool thing is, this stuff works!  Having people you know are doing what you’re doing AND will be asking about your progress is HUGE motivation.

Another big thing is CULTURE.  When you are trying to change things about your lifestyle (exercise and nutrition are no small things to try to adjust when you are real about it) it takes creating a different culture than the one you are used to living in.  What is your current culture like?  Is it centered around food and drinks (specialty coffee drinks, cocktails, beer)?  Is every social occasion one based on high calorie consumption (I’ve noticed we’re pretty bad about this at church!)?  Do you relax at night in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream and a spoon or a big bag of chips that you blaze through in no time?

In order to change things concerning your habits it takes changing the momentum of your life in lots of little ways, from lots of different areas.  It’s a matter of convincing yourself and becoming super comfortable with this new way of doing stuff.  What does this look like?  Ohhh I dunno…things like eating sitting at the table instead of zoning out in front of the TV with whatever you keep grabbing out of the kitchen.  Posting things that inspire you on social media.  Hanging out more with people who do all those things you want to be doing in your life (getting outside instead of seeing who can down the most beers, cooking healthy meals for get-togethers, running local races…for example!).  Researching things that get you excited about your new habits.  Investing in small thing that make your new way of life fun and things that are just plain helpful (fit bit, new shoes that support your specific activities, apps that help track your activities and motivate you).

It’s only obvious by now that a group you can be a part of virtually is an amazing way to create this culture and build accountability into your life.  Not only that, but joining forces and helping encourage other people, helps keep YOU on track!  When I am rooting other people on trying to inspire someone else I, in turn, inspire myself.  Kinda cool how that happens. 😉

If you’re interested in joining my new 30 day challenge group starting April 4th, let me know!  Send me an email:!  We’d love to have you along for the ride!!



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