Fish n’ Chips!! ❤️

Although I am all about cleaner eating, super nutrient dense, whole foods and you’ll likely never see me at a fast food restaurant…I say balance a lot because I mean it. And for me balance looks like a Saturday evening, after an afternoon of snowshoeing with my guy, a stop on the way home for my favorite indulgence: Fish n’ Chips! 😍

I have this thing about splurging and being purposeful about it. I honestly don’t look at food as good and bad (ok don’t get me started on the fast food thing…that’s different. For reals). When I splurge I do it with my whole heart…no guilt involved! Now, I didn’t say I binge all day and night. I didn’t say I sit down and eat an entire container of ice cream. I don’t stuff myself silly. In fact, I despise being full and know my body well enough to stop when I feel darn good and I don’t go a drop beyond that. Not worth it. But I know when I’m indulging and I would say I do it rather well! I embrace it! 🤓 It’s part of the plan and there is NO room for feeling bad about it. This is called living life, my friends! Balance.

When I indulge it is on something that I am passionate about! I am passionate about fish n’ chips! True story. On the hunt, in fact, for the best fish n chips in the northwest. Not gonna lie, it’s made me a little snobby about my choices 😂 But it’s so fun! And….yummy! 

I know we are all on our own health and fitness journeys and that is a beautiful thing. There was a time indeed when a little bit of something delicious was not quite so doable for me. I didn’t have the peace with food and my body like I do now. That took time, learning, accepting, letting go, but being mindful all at the same time. I pray that for you as well. ❤️

So now I need to know…what’s your favorite indulgence?!

xoxo, Jess 

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