What next??

Anyone else out there just signed up, about to or pondering the idea of a big race? It could even be a 5k! If running hasn’t been part of your life or even if it used to be and you’re just getting back into it…your first 5k is huge!

So once you commit, you found a race, registered, hit send and felt your pulse go up….a little out of fear and a lot out of excitement….what next?

I use Runkeeper, a FREE app, to track my runs. It is my best running friend!! It tracks my routes, mileage, pace…I can even log notes about my runs. There are challenges to join, etc…it makes it fun! 

When I was looking for a training program that fit my needs (trust me there are gazillions and you need one that is right for YOU), I turned to Runkeeper. Wouldn’t ya know it….they have a marathon training program for free!! Woohoo!! 

Notice the upgrade option however. I might go ahead and do it for the extras. A marathon is not a little feat. The free program doesn’t start until 16 weeks from the event…so right now I’m just building my base mileage up. 

Anyhoo….there really are tons of resources out there. My best advice is to be real about your needs and level in order to get the appropriate guidance. I’m not new to running, but I’ve never run a full marathon…so I am going to do my best to almost over prepare! START EARLY!!! Give yourself tons of time to slowly build your miles!!!

That’s it for now….until next time!

P.S. I’d love to hear YOUR experiences with training for events like this!!

XOXO, Jess 😘

I want to hear what YOU think!

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