…and sometimes it rains

I feel like I kinda christened my new shoes for real with this morning’s run. I have a love/hate relationship with running in the rain. If it’s already raining pretty good before I even start to run I’m not super excited about it. As in, it takes a pretty monumental effort to mentally push myself out the door. This morning it was like that. The biting wind didn’t help. But hey, it’s Oregon. Sometimes it rains.

I’m in the base building phase of my training for several weeks yet. This week I was sick one day and broke out in a lovely rash all over my body (viral thing). Wouldn’t ya know it: just as I commit to a marathon I have a bump in the road. But hey…sometimes it rains. 🤓

Training for something like a marathon is such a great analogy for life. You can prepare and have the best intentions in the world….but “stuff” happens. Not to sound too Pollyanna-esque…but good things can happen when we learn to take the rainy days and train through them. Just like life, eh? We get our grit and strength from the crappy rainy days. That there is the truth. 

Whatever it is you are setting your eyes on, my friends, run on and remember…sometimes it rains. 

xoxo, Jess ☔️


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