Am I crazy? 26.2 miles of…running?! 

Ok I’m kind of joking…I mean I love running. Like…LOVE. Nothing does it for me like a good run.  It puts me in a different space. It makes me feel strong in ways beyond the physical. I feel more connected to God, to my own goals and emotions. I come back from a run feeling clear. It’s kind of amazing. So…it would make sense for me to sign up for a marathon, right? 🤔 

Running has been a strong part of my life since I was pretty young. I watched my dad train for the Portland marathon and I was in awe. First of all, the man was in amazing shape from it! We all want that, do we not? But it was more…he just glowed. He was healthy and strong beyond the physical. It was so darn cool to watch him dedicate himself to something like that and just go. I was too young to understand or even care about how hard it might have been to actually train for a 26.2mile race. But inspired I was.

When I started running as a pre-teen I felt connected to my body in a way I never had. The feeling of pushing yourself beyond where you thought you could go…empowering. The accomplishment of running a race and beating your own time…addicting. I did several other sports and kind of flaked with my commitment to them later in high school during some rocky family times…but when I moved away from my family in my early 20’s I dug deeper with my running and found a true love. 

Going through things with my family was actually pivotal with my relationship with running. It was truly therapeutic. When life is tumbling down around you, to find things that make you feel strong and help define you, despite chaos that threatens your identity, is a gift. God gave me running. 

When I lace up my shoes, put my headphones on and head outside for a run, it means something. So, as September approaches and brings me into my 40th year on this planet, what better way to celebrate than challenging myself with 26.2 miles of this beautiful gift! It will be tough, I already know. But I’m up for the challenge and look so forward to growing thorough out my journey to the starting line on that September morning. 

May we all fall in love with something that challenges us, grows us, makes us stronger and brings us peace all at the same time ❤️



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