NEWSFLASH: French Fries and Ketchup Do Not Count as Veggies!

Listen. I get it…you are an adult now.  Who says you have to listen to your mom’s nagging voice and “eat your veggies!”? I admit, sometimes it’s hard to get them in.  There are several that are not allowed to touch my plate as well…celery (gag me)…carrots (only in carrot cake OR shredded and hidden in things so I don’t even know they’re there!).  HOWEVER, there are a lot of very powerful reasons that when you look at your plate that your veggies should be representing the majority of what you see!  For reals!  Don’t leave me just yet…!! There are tons of ways to make veggies not just  palatable…but super yummy, without creating a monster out of something that was healthy and turning it into a sad resemblance of a vegetable (no deep frying this stuff, people!).

Big green leafy veggies, colorful peppers, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower…. all this stuff is super filling, LOW calorie and SUPER NUTRIENT DENSE! Talk about getting a lot of bang for your buck!  Here’s some other cool stuff:

1. FIBER (duh)

Veggies help fill you up and um…keep you regular 🙂    Also, the fiber helps lower bad cholesterol in the blood. Bonus!  I’m tellin’ ya, if you fill your plate half up (yes I said half of your plate should be full of veggies and NOT drowning in dressings and sauces!) you will start feeling pretty darn good as this becomes a habit.  I, for one, like food.  Yup.  And when I get to make my plate full and keep my calories low, nutrients high…winner!

2. Phytonutrients

Phytohuh?? Do you feel like you’re in middle school science right now?  This is what makes veggies pretty darn cool.  They offer some powerful stuff that we can’t get anywhere else!  Did ya hear that?  You can’t skip out on this stuff and think you are giving your body what it needs.  Phytonutrients give fruits and veggies their brilliant colors and give our bodies some of the things they have to have for OPTIMAL CELLULAR FUNCTION!  Yes, I’m yelling!!  You guys, why on God’s green earth should we expect our bodies to feel good, look good and perform well when we aren’t offering them what they need at the very basic level?! “Cellular” = very basic level.  Got it??  Would you get up to go to work and think to yourself: “I haven’t checked my oil in my car in like…well, months, but I don’t like doing it…it’s not cool, so forget it.  My car will be fine?”  Yeah…probably not.  We NEED this stuff!  AND we HAVE to get this stuff from whole food sources…not from a pill!  You can’t give your car an oil pill, right?  Really.  You can’t give your body something that you think might “act” like the nutrients it needs and expect good results.  If you are paying a bunch of bucks for supplements to avoid eating your veggies, you might as well be flushing your $ down the toilet.  Your body doesn’t recognize that stuff.  It’s called bioavailability.  LOVE that word!  It boils down to what you ingest versus what your body actually absorbs.  More on that later…


I will end here for now and highlight one veggie and some benefits:

SPINACH: Full of vitamin C, vitamin K and folate.
Some of its key phytonutrients and their benefits:

  • Polyphenols (group of phytonutrients) – Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, also immune enhancers
  • Alpha lipoic acid – Helps stabilize blood sugar, aids in improved cardiovascular function

SO…go make yourself a big veggie omelet; or crisp colorful salad with a lean meat on top; or a smoothie with Greek yogurt and dark green leafy veggies and yummy fruits…or… need I go on?!  🙂

I want to hear what YOU think!

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