Weekend coffee

*sigh* (that was a good sigh)…Saturday is here, I’m still in my jammies at 10:10 am.  Maybe feeling 1/100th of a drop of guilt and the rest is just my spirit feeling relieved to not be on the go for one more day in a row.

What to do?  I wish my house had a “self clean” option.  And, while I’m at it, I wish my lawn had a “self mow” option!  I just want to relax and refuel this weekend.  There is this struggle between being busy and getting things done all the time and putting that time in for “recharging the batteries”.  What recharges your batteries?  For me I have different seasons.  Sometimes I just NEED time with friends.  To let go of the “have to’s”, laugh and toss my hair back.  Sometimes what I need is to hide away and be alone so that I can breathe and not have to interact for a little while.  Sometimes it’s just a good hard run with some invigorating music.

This morning I am recharging my batteries by staying in my jammies (now it’s 10:18…nope 10:19), drinking my coffee and letting the sun stream through the front window while I just sit back and take any deadlines off my mind.

Happy weekend to you, friends.  I hope you feel recharged and your cup overflows by the time we are ready to face Monday together!


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