Don’t you hate it when people give you the whole “when life hands you lemons…” line?  Life sometimes just plain sucks.  I think it’s okay to acknowledge that.  There are things that I just don’t understand and it makes my head hurt to even try.  And, to make matters worse, often times the very best things we could be doing for ourselves are the very things we DO NOT feel like doing.  AT. ALL.  Why is this?  Never mind…head starting to hurt.

I do know that I spent many years blaming my past for my own pain.  Bottom line…it did nothing for me.  All it did was help me look down.  When you’re looking down you’re life feels like…well…one big downer.  The problem is that we do need to be real about the crappy stuff.  It’s there.  We need to get down in the dirt and just work hard and grieve and struggle sometimes and it’s ok to hate it.  But, it’s not ok to stay stuck.

How do you know if you’re stuck?  I think you just know.  I think when we are really, painfully honest with ourselves, we know.

Sometimes we just have to kick ourselves in the pants, peel our eyeballs of the sidewalk and force ourselves to look up and decide “THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE AS OF NOW”.  That doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and gumdrops from then on… it means I will take the crap in my life and use it to my advantage.  Sometimes that means I am going to fake it, knowing that staying the course will be SO WORTH IT.

Thank you, GOD for do-overs, for forgiveness, for GRACE, for purpose behind the junk I just. don’t. get.  Thank you for loving the stuff about me that I hate.  Thank you for being FOR ME.

You really are entirely up to you.  Don’t give the other stuff your power!!


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