I am so extremely proud of quite a few people in my life who are making some important life changes regarding their health.  These are people I am coaching but consider them all to be friends either because we were already friends, or because they have become so through the coaching relationship.  I consider it a huge honor to have people let me into their lives like this.  Changing habits surrounding health goes far deeper than adding exercise into your life and eating better/less.  This is a very personal journey.  I have walked along side some who have had some very heavy moments of realization and just cried.  I have been able to see the reward of hard work paying off.  I have sat patient with those who have hit a plateau and are frustrated, but not willing to give up.  I have been humbled as many have started to peel away the layers that had become barriers to real life…as they start to understand the “why” behind where they are and make the decision to change it.

I also love sitting back and watching other relationships develop among people in some of the groups that I have, whether they are in person or in online groups. The support and compassion I get to observe is pretty amazing and inspiring.

I don’t know if people ever really “get” the magnitude of what they are undertaking when they decide to take control of their health.  It is so worth every single little drop of effort…but, WOW.  It’s a big deal.  Any of you who are going through this…you should be PROUD!!!  And recognize that you are doing it for you, but what a gift for those you love as well!

I Love you guys!  Thank you for the privilege of traveling this road with you!

<3 Jess


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