Getting my head in the game

It’s November. It’s getting chilly out. We just passed Halloween so we all know we are officially in the “holiday season”. This is when life gets crazy hectic. Crazier and more hectic than usual (“is that possible?” you’re asking yourself). We rush though this time of year, maybe more so than the rest of the year, or maybe it only feels that way. Regardless, it’s here and it will be gone before we know it…leaving us standing here, wondering “what just happened?” and “how could another year have just passed by?”

January is on it’s way. Close your eyes and you’ll open them to 2015. It’ll happen that fast. But, last night as I took some time to veg by the fire, I realized I have some say in all of that. I don’t want January to come and to feel like I was just in a tornado and haven’t accomplished some things that I really have my heart set on….just because of the excuse that “it’s the holidays”. I’m choosing to live this holiday season with purpose…to enjoy living in the moment, to work hard on my goals despite the craziness and strive for balance like any other time of year.  What better time, in fact, to really focus on some things?  The new year is about reflecting back and re-prioritizing, right?  Recommitting and jumping in with both feet?  Why not NOW?

My pastor said something today like this: “Do you want to do something extraordinary with your life?  Or do you want to remain distracted…” by whatever that may be?  I want to do extraordinary stuff!  Don’t you?  For me that means living on purpose, in all areas of my life.  It means being present with my son and my friends and family.  It means helping people reach goals and feel good about themselves.  I want this regardless of obstacles in my path…because there will ALWAYS be obstacles!

Now…how about YOU?

Remember: you are entirely up to you!


2 thoughts on “Getting my head in the game”

  • Thank you for the inspiration and confirmation that there’s no time like now to make ourselves and our well-being a top priority. Who knows if we’ll be here on January 1st? But we are here now and God has given us an abundance of tools to be the healthiest and happiest people we can be. And the healthier and happier we are, the more we have to share and give to others – sharing the wealth so-to-speak. I always feel something positive from your posts – we weren’t made to be ordinary 🙂

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