They’re heeeeeere!

“What, pray tell, is here?” you might be asking yourself.  And just then your eyes catch the pumpkin spice latte sitting at your desk or you smell the pumpkin seeds baking…maybe you have a bowl of candy you are tryyyyyyying with all your might to ignore!

Yup….they are upon us my friends….the holidays!

holiday food

Just what kind of emotions does this reality conjure up for you?  Delight?  Stress?  Fear?  The cozy feeling of pumpkin EVERYTHING and sweaters, and fires in the fireplace and hot cocoa and watching the movie Elf 203 times in a row?!?!

Aw.  I LOVE this time of year.  I do know, however, that people brace themselves for the food situation when the month of October rolls around and we all know its food food food for the next three months!!

There are two basic camps that it seems people are in:

1) Camp “I-might-as-well-forget-all-goals-and-enjoy-the-stuffing-my-face-fest-that-is-about-to-occur”


2) Camp “I-am-going-to-torture-myself-for-the-next-several-months-by-sticking-hard-to-celery-and-carrots-and-then-binging-on-halloween-candy-mashed-potatoes-and-pumpkin-pie-and-then-feel-so-guilty-I-put-myself-on-the-naughty-list-and-then-start-fresh-with-nothing-but-celery-and-carrots-and-then-binge…” you get the point.

Why oh why do we do these things to ourselves?  Either camp sucks if you ask me.  Either you embrace the gluttony full speed ahead and dig a deeper grave than you might already have going…or you hate yourself for not being “good” during an impossible time of year.  Not good…either of them.

Might I suggest something more sane?!  Is it possible that we might be able to indulge a bit AND reach some goals??  Are you gasping at the idiocy of such a suggestion?

For reals my friends….I believe this is possible.  I can say it because I do it!  AND…I didn’t always do it…believe YOU ME.  (Why do people say that?? “believe you me!”???  I don’t get it…but I kinda liked it right here, so I’m gonna go with it.)  One day soon I will tell you my “story”…but lets just say I used to have pretty much no self control and went from one side of the pendulum to the next for quite a lot of years.  NOW, though…I have found balance.  And, my balance includes not only having a slice of pecan pie (do you say PEcan or pe-CON?…question of the day)…but I insist that it be a part of the holiday festivities as it is my FAVORITE!  That’s right!  It is said to be the WORST holiday pie for you!  Most fat and sugar I am sure of it.   I LOVE my PEcan pie and I am NOT ASHAMED!!  However, do I have half the pie for dessert?  Nope.  Do I eat it when I am stuffed to the brim, overflowing and unbuttoned my jeans already?  Nope.  I never actually get to that point because I hate being overstuffed way more than I love my pecan pie!  NO JOKE.

We all have a very real decision to make here.  Are ya sitting down…TV off…phone on silent…distractions taken care of?

I want you to stop and just visualize a holiday season in which you have BALANCE.  You eat healthy MOST of the time, you exercise and you enjoy some really amazing treats here and there with NO GUILT.  Do you see how we usually have it backwards?  We typically eat MOSTLY treats and overeat EVERYTHING and hardly exercise, or maybe not at all…and then wonder why we let this happen AGAIN this year!!

It really is possible to do this whole balance thing.  I am here to tell you, also, that it feels PRETTY DARN GOOD!!!  Do you feel like I’m yelling at you with the CAPS??  Well I AM!!!  I’m yelling at you to DECIDE WHO YOU WANT TO BE!!  You are up to YOU!  If you want to have a holiday season that you can look back on and say, WOW…that felt PRETTY DARN GOOD…and I didn’t gain 8 pounds!  In fact, I feel healthier than I have in some time!  …then DO IT!

It is a decision my friends.  That’s the biggest part of this whole thing.  I can’t do it for you.  You’re hubby or wife can’t do it for you.  Oprah can’t do it for you…YOU have to do it.  You have to decide what you really want for you and then you need to figure out how you want to do it.  That’s the part I can help with!  If you need a plan and some accountability…I’m your girl 😉  Just say the word.  However…the whole things starts with YOU.

Happy almost Trick-or-Treating time…and in the words of Elf, “What’s a Christmas gram?? I want one!”

Love & Blessings

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