Am I Ready?

Whenever we set out to change a behavior of any sort a decision has to be made. “I am going to do this.” “I am committed.”  “I am ‘all in’.” The thing is…you have to be really, really REAL about this.   Are you truly “all in”?  Are you willing and ready to dig deep and do the hard stuff?  If you want to change something…you have to…well…change some stuff.  Make sense?  Really people.  I realize that we live in this instant gratification, materialistic, all about me, I want it now type of society…but let’s not allow the excuses to call the shots.  Think seriously about what it will look like and feel like to take specific steps to make a change and be honest.  Are you ready?

This is the turning point we have to face in order to have success.  It is really very exhilarating and empowering when you let yourself get there! You really can pick from so many diet and exercise plans out there that will really work.  The key factor…the MOST important part…is YOU.  If you don’t follow a plan, guess what?  It won’t work.  Before you jump in and think you’re committing to something that will help you reach goals…really evaluate whether or not you are serious about it and willing to do what it takes.  If you’re not…the next step is to talk about getting to ready, if you are interested in that.

The bottom line is that I can own every diet and fitness book out there and have shelves filled with exercise dvds and belong to every gym in town….but if I don’t stick to a plan, day by day, step by step…if I still sit on the couch at night and shovel food into my mouth for hours and don’t actually every go to the gym…I’m gonna guess that nothing will actually happen in terms of reaching my goals.  Can’t exactly blame the program if I’m the one not doing it!


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