Egg and veggie breakfast “muffins”






If you’re anything like me, you need mornings to be as streamlined as possible because you’re typically running around like a chicken with your head cut off in order to get out the door on time (let’s be honest.  I’m thrilled to get out the door only a few minutes late…that’s a more realistic goal).  One thing I do is cook breakfast stuff on the weekends or in the evenings if we have “breakfast for dinner” and make a bunch extra so I can freeze it for weekday mornings.  The usual things are pancakes and waffles, made with whole wheat & flax.  My son LOVES them with peanut butter….mmmmm… I think I heard my stomach growl… 🙂

So, tonight was a “breakfast for dinner night”.  Since I am starting the 21 day fix plan (clean eating!!) I thought I’d make up some stuff that I would like for breakfast that fits in with the program.  I’ve made these before and love them.  The fun thing is that you can customize them by adding whatever it is that YOU like.

IMG_7893 IMG_7894 IMG_7896



6 whole eggs (I will post about my egg opinions at some point! If you want to do egg whites…knock yourself out!)
3 cups chopped up veggies of your choice (here I used broccoli, cauliflower & spinach).

**other ideas: mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, zucchini…)**

Pre-heat oven to 350F.  Oil 12 muffin tins (I actually use coconut oil and just wipe it around the tin with a paper towel). Beat the eggs in a med. sized bowl.  Chop the veggies and add to egg mixture.

Pour mixture into prepared muffin tins.  I used a 1/4 measuring cup to scoop and pour.  You can add some seasoning if you like.  I did end up adding some garlic salt.

Bake for 15 minutes, or until eggs have set.

Eat some, freeze some or put some in the fridge if you know they’ll be gobbled up right away!  What a perfect, easy thing to grab in the morning!  Just zap it in the micro for maybe 1 minute if its frozen.  Obviously less if it’s been in the fridge….30 seconds is probably good.

4 “muffins” = 1 green container and 1 red container for any of you “21 fixers”!!

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