The importance of daily activity level versus exercise

Have you ever thought about how much of your day is actually spent sitting on your rear? Lets see, aside from the obvious time logged sleeping, there are all the hours during the week most of us spend in the car, the wind down time on the coach in front of the t.v., sitting in front of the computer after our long days at work…um…at a desk. Are you sensing a theme here??

You would think kids would at least be more up and around than us who are no longer in our “youth”. *sigh* But, sadly, a large amount of our younger generations spend an unbelievable amount of time playing video games and watching t.v., using their kindle, iPod, iTouch, iPad, idon’twanttodoanythingthatresembleswork… You get the point. 

Is it any wonder our nation just gets fatter and fatter even as more fitness tools and fads come out on the market?  

Here is something to think about: if I do my allotted 30-60 minutes of exercise a few times, or even five times per week, but sit on my tush for pretty much all of the rest of my 24 hour day…where does that get me? I don’t mean to get all old school on you all, but…our bodies were not designed for all this sitting on our butts!! Just think of the Little House on the Prairie days! Seriously. We don’t have to physically work for hardly anything anymore unless we purposely design our lives that way. Nowadays it is a novelty to have a garden, a sport to hunt and fish, rare to have the kind of fire place that requires us to chop real wood! We even have vacuum cleaners that run on their own for crying out loud! And we operate under the guise that we are “too busy”. Are we? Or are our lives too cluttered with things that we would rather do. Are we over entertained?  

Ok. Before I get too far with my argument let me get back to the main point…our butts; and the fact that we are on them too much. I would recommend you read this NPR article:

The article specifically addresses the issue of having a desk job. However, the information obviously applies regardless of your own particular reason for spending so much time being inactive. Give it a gander. It may seems silly to read about some of the little tips to add activity in your day, such as parking farther from your destination; but isn’t your health worth those little efforts? Read it. You might agree.


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