Exercise tips: how to stick with it!

Do you see my little workout partner back there? ;-)
Do you see my little workout partner back there? ūüėČ


So you’ve decided you’re going to commit to an exercise program. ¬†It might be a new running or walking program, a class you’ll be attending, an at home program, etc. ¬†You’re feeling pumped up and excited to get going and start feeling healthy and strong. ¬†You know this time will be the time you stick with it! ¬†Why is it that so many of us know this exact scenario and the same feelings that it drums up…but we are also very familiar with the disappointment that goes with it because we never seem to follow through? ¬†Ugh. Well, having been there, but also having experienced what it’s like to really do the whole thing…I have a few tips that have helped me and I hope help you!

  • Schedule it:
    Plan out how many days a week you will be working out and then put it on your calendar! ¬†This is an appointment that you have with yourself. ¬†If you scheduled to meet with a personal trainer, or go to the dentist, or even meet up with a friend for coffee, you’d make sure to be there, right? ¬†This needs to hold no less importance. ¬†If you put it on your calendar you will see it as having significance and will be more likely to do it.
  • Use the buddy system:
    I don’t mean you have to workout with someone…although that’s a great idea! ¬†What I mean is ¬†find an accountability partner. ¬†Whether you and your partner are doing something similar or different…doesn’t matter. ¬†Just tell them your plan for the week and then check in with each other as the week goes on.
  • Reward yourself for goals met:
    DO NOT USE FOOD for a reward! ¬†Ideas: a new book, a new workout top, new running shoes for a big goal met, a mani or pedi, a massage… you should have some smaller things for short term goals and some bigger rewards for those bigger, long term goals that are reached. ¬†Celebrate your accomplishments!! ¬†It will help you realize how far you’ve come!
  • Write down your goals:
    You should have weekly, short term goals and then longer term goals WRITTEN DOWN!! ¬†It’s easy to get side tracked and lose momentum when we aren’t specific.
  • Saturate yourself with motivation:
    This might be using pinterest, connecting with health & fitness enthusiasts on social media, subscribing to a health and fitness magazine (good short term goal reward right there!), sharing your journey with friends who are also on a health and fitness journey, listen to health and fitness podcasts…the ideas are endless!!

I could go on and on…but the main idea here is that you are taking this seriously. ¬†The more you keep this commitment at the forefront of your mind and life, the more likely you are to stick with it. ¬†And how worth it all the hard work is!!!!!

Love & blessings, 

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