Teetering toward diabetes

It should come as no big surprise that America is in big trouble when it comes to weight related disease.  The American Diabetes Association offers up some frightening (but again, not surprising) statistics that should not be taken lightly.  Even worse, numbers continue to rise.  This whole things hits pretty close to home with the fact that my mom has been on the verge of diabetes for more than 6 years now.  She has bee diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  What does this mean?  It means your blood glucose levels are scary high…but not high enough to be diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  In other words, you’ve already bought your ticket, you just haven’t turned it in and boarded the plane quite yet.  The good news is, there’s still time to turn things around!


Soooo, why did I post this in the “Inspiration” section of my site?!  Because my mom is a living example of someone who is turning her fate around.  She recently moved down to my neck of the woods from Seattle.  Since being here for a few months she has lost 12 pounds and is exiting the danger zone.  Her doctor is extremely pleased with her progress!  I can see it in her face and in the fit of her clothes, of course…not to mention her demeanor.  When you feel healthier you are happier!  Shocker?  Of course not!  It just takes some hard work to make it happen!

What has she been doing?  The biggest thing has been her diet.  She’s eating clean, well-balanced and LESS!  It’s so awesome to see the changes occurring.  It comes down to the fact that you realize people are literally sentencing themselves to an early trip to the grave or some very serious, painful, life-altering, expensive and chronic health issues that will last for life.  NOT worth it!  I know we all want things to be quick and easy and we have every excuse under the sun NOT to do what it takes…but the hard work pays off ten times over my friends!  The cool thing is that you don’t have to totally deprive yourself and you learn to love your new habits.  This I promise!!!


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