PiYo Day 2 & nursing a back injury :(

Well, today should have involved PiYo, Define: lower body and then the Turbo Kick class I teach in the eve.  I was in too much pain to entertain that idea.  So, I got a sub (makes me sad) and scheduled a deep tissue massage.  I did actually do PiYo.  I figured, since there is little to no impact I would do it and modify if needed.  Then, if it really seemed to be too much I would turn it off.  It wasn’t even 20 minutes.  When I saw that I thought, “I got this”.  To be honest, it felt pretty good.  I was worried…but I think there were only two times during the workout where I had to modify due to pain.  Otherwise I felt like some of the moves were really helping stretch the injured area.  I do know enough to know that NOT moving is one of the worse things for injuries like mine.  In fact, sitting and sleeping are what make it feel the worst!

Here’s one of the moves I LOVED during the workout:

Pigeon Stretch
Pigeon Stretch

Are you trying it?!  😉  It really does feel good.  It stretches an area of the body that can be hard to get to. ** Just a side note: my massage therapist not only okayed PiYo, she said it would be good for my back in terms of stretching and strengthening the injured area.  Be sure to be smart about these things!**

Lesson??  STRETCH!  What did I keep hearing today during the massage?  ”this area is tight”…my shoulders (tons of knots), my legs, my range of motion was limited… Yup.  I need to stretch.  I get it.  This back injury is a wake up call for me.  So, learn from my mistakes people!!!  I always feel like stretching is a waste of time (oops…did I say that out loud?).  Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW that stretching is good and needed.  But I have a tendency to over book my life…so when I carve time out of my day for my body, I want to sweat darn it!  It’s just the truth.  The bottom line, however, is that I am not able to get my sweat sessions in like this.  And I don’t have time for injuries!  Lesson learned.

I want to hear what YOU think!

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